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Speech From Chinese Consul General Liu Kan

in Nigeria Chinese Community's Commemoration of 70th anniversary of the great victory of Chinese People's Resistance War against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War

Distinguished Chairman of Chinese Community in Nigeria, Mr. Louis Dong;

Secretary to State Government of Lagos, Honorable Tunji Bello;

Your Royal Highness, Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Dr. Adetona

Distinguished president of CCECC Group, Mr. Cao Baogang;

Distinguished Head of the Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Theater, Mrs. Ni Hongchun

All distinguished guests

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

This year is 70th anniversary of the great victory of Chinese People’s Resistance War against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. In February, the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly adopted resolution that all member states could commemorate the victory of World War II in their own ways. UN would also hold a series of events in memory of 70th anniversary of the victory of Anti-Fascists War and the founding of UN. In September 3rd, Chinese Government held a grand Commemoration Assembly and Military Parade on Tiananmen Square. I am quite honored, together with 8 representatives from Chinese community in Nigeria, to attend this Event of historical significance. Today in Lagos, a city far from our motherland, Nigerian friends, Chinese brothers and sisters, and the ethnic minority performing artists all the way from Yunnan Province of China come together to commemorate the great victory of Chinese People’s Resistance War against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. Chinese community in Nigeria holds the Event is to bear history in mind, honor all those who laid down their lives, cherish peace and open up the future. Hereby, on behalf of Chinese Consulate-General in Lagos, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Chinese community, companies and citizens in Nigeria for their hard work and meticulous preparations for this Event, and my sincere gratitude to the artists from Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Theater from as far as Yunnan Province for their support to this Event, and my warmest welcome to all the guests present. And I wish the Event a complete success.

Seventy years ago, with the arduous struggles from people all over the world, Fascist Axis powers Germany and Japan announced their surrenders, and the World War II, which brought a calamity to the whole world, finally went to a complete end. Justice prevailed over Evil; Light excelled Darkness; Progress defeated Reaction, and the global society has entered into a period of relative Peace and Development. As an important part of the World Anti-Fascist War, and its main battleground in the East, The Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, which had lasted 14 years since the September of 1931, started the earliest and lasted the longest, making a great contribution to the complete victory of the World War II. During the heart-stirring national war of resistance, the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation were all of one mind, resolved to save the country. People from various ethnic groups, classes, political parties and social organizations all rose to fight the common enemy at a time of this national crisis, so the flames of war against Japanese aggression were ablaze all over the country. The unyielding resistance from Chinese not only smashed Japanese militarist aggressors’ delusion of colonizing and enslaving Chinese people, preserved China’s more than 5,000-year-old civilization, defended Chinese people’s motherland, but also re-established China as a major country in the world and won the Chinese people respect of all peace-loving people around the world. Meanwhile, the victory of Anti-Fascist War led to the establishment of new international order and system based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and accelerated the process of many countries’ independence, including Nigeria. They, together with other developing countries, have grew into an important force to safeguard justice and fairness and maintain peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

Looking back to the War, we can not forget overseas Chinese built a Great Wall with their blood and flesh and made a great contribution to the final victory of the War. At it peak, 3940 Anti-Japanese Aggression Groups were formed, and overseas Chinese, no matter rich or poor, devote everything to support their motherland. During that period, the donation from Overseas Chinese reached 1.3 billion Yuan, and overseas remittance was amounted to 9.5 billion, occupied 43% of the military expenditure that period. Sturdy grass withstands high wind. Under the crisis, sons and daughters of Chinese nations from all over the world,reveal their sense of nation identity. The world began to realize that the united Chinese people was invincible! The glorious patriotic tradition has passed on, and today’s Event is a specific embodiment of the tradition.

Looking back to the War, we cannot forget that the Chinese people received extensive support from the international community, including Africa. The World Anti-Fascist War was a war of unprecedented scale in the history of mankind, whose flames spread across Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, with more than 80 countries and regions and around 2 billion people involved. African countries including Nigeria contributed greatly to the victory of the War. Not only was Africa one of three main battlefields, but also invested lots of manpower and resources. Nearly one hundred thousand Nigerians joined the army to fight against Fascists; the resources from West Africa such as palm oil, rubber, cotton and ores greatly support the front line; many African people donated all their earnings from sales of their handiworks to support the War; a large number of supplies transported through the Burma Road came from Africa. Hereby,on behalf of my compatriots, I give my highest consideration and sincerest thanks to African friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

War is like a mirror. Looking at it helps us better appreciate the value of peace. Fascist aggressors brought an untold disaster to the world and an unparalleled catastrophe to human civilization. World War II inflicted over 100 million military and civilian casualties, China suffered over 35 million casualties. Only in Nanking City, more than 300 thousand innocent civilians were massacred by Japanese Aggressors. We commemorate the war is to draw lessons from the painful history, avoid the historical tragedy repeating itself and make people appreciate the peace more. Peace does not come easily and must be secured. In his speech of commemoration Assembly in September 3rd, President Xi Jinping referred to “peace” 18 times, and emphasize that no matter how much stronger it may become, China will never seek hegemony or expansion. It will never inflict its past suffering on any other nation. The theme of today’s world is still peace and development, but still far from tranquil. The Chinese people are resolved to pursue friendly relations with all other countries, uphold the outcomes of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

This year is also tenth anniversary of the establishment of China-Nigeria Strategic partnership, Chine will continue to develop relations with Nigeria based on the principles of “political equality and mutual trust, economic win-win cooperation and cultural exchanges and mutual learning. China and Nigeria, will contribute efforts hand in hand to maintain the international order and system based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,promote the establishment of a new international relationship focused on cooperation with win-win results, and secure the world peace and prosperous development.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

Finally, Wish everyone a good health and all goes well

Wish the event a complete success!

Wish China and Nigeria prosperity and friendship long lasting!

Wish for world peace, no war forever!

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