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Speech from Consul General Liu Kan in Chinese Film Festival

Your Excellencies

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends

Good evening!

At this wonderful weekend, we all witness the debut of “Chinese Film Festival” in Lagos. On behalf of the members of Chinese Consulate General in Lagos, I would like to give my warmest welcome to all distinguished guests.

Film creates an artistic world of lights and shadows, it is a very good cultural carrier as well as high quality cultural product,which has become one of the favorite spiritual food for people all over the world. Outstanding films are made by the cultural elites from different countries based on the nutrients absorbed and extracted from their own cultures. So if you want to get a better knowledge of a country’s history, culture and value, to watch this country’s film would be a very good choice. Nowadays, Hollywood films prevail all over the world, but those films are only representing limited values and cultures. In this diversifying world, different cultures have their unique splendidness and their voices share same and equal importance. Many countries are making their own films. Chinese films and Nigerian films are indispensable pieces that make the world film industry complete. In this artistic world of lights and shadows, there should be more films reflects charm of Chinese and African cultures.

In recent years, Chinese film industry enjoys an explosive development, and Chinese film makers have done a quite great job. With their intelligence and diligence, Chinese film artists have made a large number of high quality films, whose subjects covers all aspects of China. Those films opened a window for foreign audience to get a better knowledge of China. In 2014, 388 films released in China, and by December 3rd of 2015, the total box office revenues had reached 6.6 billion USD, Now China is the second largest film industry market.

The types of Chinese films are complete,we have Kungfu film, which is popular in Nigeria, as well as films reflecting the long history and current social development of China. The three Chinese films shown in this Festival are all handpicked. Considering the important roles the ancient philosophy and myth have played in shaping the character of a nation, we pick “Confucius” and “Monkey King”. The former one tells the life story of Confucius, who is the greatest philosopher in Chinese History, the founder of Confucianism. The other one is the most well-renown Chinese mythic story. I hope these two films can help Nigerian friends get a better knowledge of Chinese history and Culture. The film shown tonight is a Kungfu movie “Chinese Zodiac”,one of the most famous and beloved Chinese actor Jackie Chan starred this film. Wish you a happy weekend with these three different types of Chinese films.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

This year is the tenth anniversary of the establishment of China-Nigeria Strategic Partnership. Based on the principle of “political equality and mutual trust, economic win-win cooperation and cultural exchanges and mutual learning”,China-Nigeria relations has developed rapidly and achieved a lot of fruitful results in all fields. At the just-concluded Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that “China and Africa should remain committed to mutually enriching cultural exchanges, strengthen cultural exchanges and mutual learning, facilitate more exchanges between peoples of the two sides, promote cultural interactions, policy coordination and people-to-people exchanges to advance common progress and ensure the sustained growth of China-Africa friendship from generation to generation.” As an old Chinese saying goes: “amity between people holds the key to the sound relations between state”. I have been in Nigeria for almost two years, after contacting with Nigerian governments and people, I am deeply touched and impressed by their willingness and eagerness to know more about China. Many Nigerian institutes, enterprises, communities and schools have hold lots of activities themed “China”; more and more Nigerian people are learning Chinese; Lagos University established Chinese department last year; increasing number of Nigerian students choose China as their further study destination. In 2014, there are 2979 Nigerian oversea students in China, and 251 of them are government scholarship winners. Our Consulate is working hard on promoting communication between China and Nigeria, we introduce China’s economy, history, culture, etiquette and so on through various kinds of activities such as open day, public lectures, artistic performances etc. Chinese film festival is our latest try.

Cultural attraction is mutual, Chinese people also become more interested in African films. Before, we got knowledge of Africa from Hollywood films, now, we are looking forward to watching more films made in Africa, by Africa and for Africa, such as Nollywood films. Our Consulate are working with Chinese related institutes to promote Nigerian Films. Last weekend, coordinating with our Consulate, Zhe Jiang Normal University and other institutes from my hometown successfully held “Forum on China-Africa Film and Television Cooperation”, representatives from Nollywood also attended the forum and had a very good communication with their Chinese counterparts. Meanwhile, in recent years, many Chinese films and TV series are imported by African countries and translated into local languages; they are warmly welcome by local people and have accumulated a large number of fans in Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen,dear friends:

The “Chinese Film Festival” we hold today is just a part of China-Nigeria cultural communication, we are pleased to see more popular activities like this. Now, I should finish my remarks, because I know what you truly expect is the film. I sincerely hope you will like Chinese films and care more and take active part in activities on China-Nigeria cultural communication.

Finally, thanks again for your attending.

Wish everyone health and smooth work!

Wish Chinese Film Festival a complete success!

Wish China and Nigerian a prosperous future and our friendship last forever!

Wish everyone a happy and memorable evening!


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