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Speech by Consul General Liu in the Ceremonial Opening of "Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos"


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends:

Good Morning!

After 3 months busy preparation, the “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos” is formally established today. It’s a great honor to witness this auspicious and significant event of Chinese community in Lagos with all the honorable guests. Just now, my colleague read the congratulatory letter from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China,hereby, on behalf of Chinese Consulate-General in Lagos, I would like to extend the warmest congratulations on the establishment of “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos”, I sincerely wish a healthy development and smooth operation of the “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos”.

Establishing the “Overseas Chinese Service Center” in the major cities around the world is the “Eight Project to Benefit Overseas Chinese” initiated by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China. The “Service Centers” aim at providing overseas Chinese a non-profit public platform for mutual assistance, safeguarding legitimate rights, assisting individual development as well as to integrate into local society. In the past few years, with the deepening of China-Nigeria strategic partnership, more and more Chinese companies and citizens come to invest, do business, work and live in Nigeria. They’ve made special contribution to Nigeria’s economic and social development, China-Nigeria relations as well as the friendship between the two peoples. Of course, they also encountered different kinds of difficulties and challenges. The Chinese Consulate-General in Lagos has made long-term efforts to safeguard legitimate right and interests of Chinese citizens in Nigeria, we sincerely hope Chinese companies and citizens in Nigeria can work together with collective wisdom and concerted efforts to cope with all the difficulties and issues.

With the substantial support from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and efforts made by Chinese Consulate-General in Lagos, we are heartened to witness the first “Overseas Chinese Service Center” in west Africa settling in Lagos, which shows that the Chinese government attaches great importance and care to Chinese citizens in Nigeria. Over the years, Overseas Chinese Communities and associations in Nigeria have made great efforts in serving local communities and help fellow Chinese, they not only solved problems for fellow Chinese but also played an important role in helping Chinese people understand and integrate in to Nigerian society. Since the preparation work started last October, the “Overseas Chinese Service Center” has already helped many Chinese citizens. I hereby want to give my sincerest thanks to Mr Dong Rui’e, Mr Sun Guoping and all friends participated in the preparation work of “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos”. You’ve poured your great efforts, contributed large amount of financial and material resources and energy to the official opening of the Center.

The “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos” is a non-profit organization for public benefit, there might be difficulties and challenges in future operation, I expect you to join hands and overcome all the difficulties together, make the “Overseas Chinese Service Center” play a positive role in reflecting overseas Chinese’s appeals, safeguarding their legitimate rights, assisting them to integrate into and repay local society. The Chinese Consulate-General in Lagos will continue to do our best to support the work of the “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos”, meanwhile, I sincerely wish Nigerian governments and friends continue to provide your care and support to the development of China-Nigeria friendly cooperation, as well as the sound and smooth development of Chinese Associations such as “Overseas Chinese Service Center”, Chinese companies and citizen in Nigeria. As a Chinese proverb says “when everybody adds fuel, the flames rise higher”, I hope more fellow Chinese care, support and actively participate in the Center’s work. I believe, with the substantial support from overseas Chinese in Nigeria, the “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos” will do a great job in serving and safeguarding legitimate rights of overseas Chinese in Nigeria!

Once again, congratulations to the establishment of “Overseas Chinese Service Center in Lagos”! I wish everyone a prosperous new year, may the new year bring everyone health, happiness and success!

Thank you!

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