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Speech By H.E. Consul General Chao Xiaoliang
At the Reception Marking the 67th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good evening! Thanks for attending the Reception to celebrate the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On behalf of Chinese Consulate in Lagos, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all guests here and am delighted to have you all with us.

October 1 is Nigerian Independence Day as well. Hereby I take this opportunity to give my sincerest birthday blessings to Nigerian people. Under the leadership of President Buhari, Nigeria has made great progress in anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, economic diversification and many other areas. We share the happiness for the achievements Nigeria has made and are fully convinced that Nigeria will have a better future.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This year also marks 95th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party. Under the strong leadership of CPC, Chinese People has made unremitting efforts to conquer all kinds of challenges, and created a development miracle in human history. For the past 67 years, China has been admired globally for the rapid development of its national economy, notable increase of its overall national strength, and significant improvement of Chinese people’s living standards. As a result, China has grown up to the world’s second biggest economy, the biggest trader of goods and the third largest direct overseas investor, and lifted China’s GDP to nearly 11 trillion U.S. Dollars totally and per capita GDP to close to 8000 U.S. Dollars. Not only has China’s leap-frog progress transformed peoples’ lives, but also made outstanding contributions to world peace and prosperity. China is now taking a proactive approach in adapting to the New Normal of economic development, upgrading her economic structures, re-tooling her development drivers and shifting growth rate gears. China will continue to implement the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development while pushing forward structural reforms on the supply side. We have both the confidence and ability to maintain medium-high rate of growth in order to deliver more development opportunities to the world while ensuring our own development is guaranteed.

Two weeks ago, G20 Hangzhou Summit was successfully concluded. The summit generated a historic communiqué and 28 specific documents, each representing a distinct outcome. The G20 leaders also achieved consensus that affirms the determination to point the way and set a new course for the world economy. This consensus heralds a new path for growth and the instillation of fresh dynamism into the world economy. It will enhance global economic and financial governance, revitalize international trade and investment to serve as key engines of growth. It will also promote inclusive and interconnected development so that G20 cooperation in a manner that will deliver benefits to the whole world. It is worth mentioning that this summit was attended by a record number of developing countries, and for the first time, this Summit has given priority to development in the global macro-policy framework, devised a groundbreaking Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and proposed the G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and the Least Developed Countries, which will certainly boost and speed up the economic development of African countries including Nigeria.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

China attaches great importance to develop sound and fruitful relations with African countries, and Chinese people would never forget the extremely valuable and generous support by African people in toughest period. For so many years, China and Africa are always support each other no matter how the international situation changes. China will continue to support for African peace and development based on the principle of sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith.

Under the background of close relations between China and Africa, China-Nigeria relationship has continued to enjoy comprehensive and rapid development in recent years. Since assuming the presidential office, President Buhari has met with President Xi Jinping in different occasions. In April of this year, President Buhari paid a state visit to China. The heads of two countries reached broad consensus in major issues of common concern, and signed lots of cooperation agreements, which inject strong impetus to the further development of our bilateral relations. Our economic and trade cooperation has grown to a new level. The trade volume between our two countries in 2014 reached 18 billion, which is highest in the history. In 2015, under the backdrop of sluggish world economy, our trade volume still reached 15 billion, accounting for 42% of trade volume between China and ECOWAS. Nigeria is still China’s major trade partner in Africa. And incessant progress has been made in our cooperation in Agriculture, manufacture, construction of Free Trade Zone and infrastructure, Communication Technology, project contracting and so on. Our cultural exchanges become more frequent, more and more Nigerian people are willing to learn Mandarin and Chinese Culture, and increasing number of Nigerian overseas students choose China as their favored destination. The cooperation in cultural fields such as academy, arts, sports, film and television become much closer

With the development of China-Nigeria relationship, increasing number of Chinese enterprises and citizens come to invest and develop in Nigeria. They work hard to realize their dreams in this land, meanwhile they also create lots of jobs and train a large number of local talents. Nigeria has given them too much and they repay for its generosity by donating and building schools, roads and conducting other charities for local communities. This year, in cooperation with SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation and other Chinese companies, the Consulate General has launched the fourth "China-Africa People to People Friendship Action". We have repaired teaching buildings in Ogun State and Lagos State respectively, and will donate some medical equipment to Ondo State. "China-Africa People to People Friendship Action" has played an important role in deepening the understanding and friendship of our two peoples, and also became an important brand in promoting China-Nigeria relations.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

China and Africa, especially China and Nigeria, are highly complementary in economy and development strategy. And the sound bilateral relations are beneficial to our two peoples. Now Nigeria is diversifying its economy, in the meanwhile, China is restructuring it industries and encourage powerful Chinese company to invest and develop in foreign countries. Let us seize the boundless opportunities, join hands and redouble our efforts to promote China-Nigeria strategic partnership to a new level.

Finally, thanks again for attending the reception!

Let’s wish China and Nigeria a happy birthday and prosperous future! Wish wellbeing to our peoples! Wish China-Nigeria friendship last forever! Wish everyone a good health and happiness!


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