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Speech by Chinese Consul-General, Lagos, Mr. Guo Kun at the Reception for Spring Festival, 2012

Dear Mrs. Fashola, Representative of Lagos State Governor,

President of Nigerian-Chinese Friendship Association

Dear Leaders of the Chinese community,

My fellow countrymen,

Entrepreneurs of both China and Nigeria ,

My Nigerian brothers and sisters,

Distinguished guests, friends,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I feel very pleased to host this reception in celebrating the Chinese traditional Spring Festival with my fellow countrymen and our Nigerian friends. The coming Chinese new year is the year of Dragon. As is known to all, dragon is the totem of the Chinese people, which symbolizes potent and auspicious powers. It is said that our ancestor picked up body parts from nine fierce animals and created the legendary creature: the horns of a deer, the head of a lion, the mouth of a crocodile, the body of a snake, the scale of fish, the neck of a tortoise, the claws of a hawk, the palms of a tiger, the ears of a bull. Therefore, the dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. In the old days, Chinese Emperor usually took the dragon to symbolize his power and good luck (mascot).

I do hope that all the distinguished guests present here could become the kings of your field in the Year of Dragon.

I have been in Nigeria for nearly five years, and I have a deep affection for this beautiful country. I understand that your country is one with great civilization, just the same as my motherland, China . Besides the cultural similarity, we share a lot of common grounds. Ours is the most populous in the world, and yours has the largest population in Africa . Ever since their respective liberation and independence, both China and Nigeria have been facing great task of building up and developing the economy.

Delightfully, I am able to see the ongoing robust communication and cooperation between China and all states within my consular district. So I would like to express my gratefulness to the people who are dedicated to this course. And I also promise that together with my Nigerian bothers and sisters, the Chinese Consulate General will continue to facilitate our mutual exchanges and long term cooperation.

Now please allow me to propose a toast to the great friendship between China and Nigeria ! Cheers!

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