Consul General Chu Maoming Gave Exclusive Interview to Vanguard on CRCC's Assistance to Nigeria's Fight against COVID-19

Recently Consul General Chu Maoming gave exclusive interview to Vanguard on CRCC's donation of medical supplies and dispatch of technical teams to Nigeria.


Vanguard:What is consulate general's role in the deal to have your country's medical team to Nigeria?

Consul General: The coronavirus knows no borders and is a common challenge to all mankind. China and Nigeria are members of a community with a shared future. For China, it is only natural to help Nigeria fight the pandemic in light of our friendship and cooperation.

In addition to directly providing assistance to the Nigerian government and people, the Chinese government calls on the Chinese businesses and nationals in Nigeria to extend a helping hand and contribute to Nigeria's fight against the pandemic in various forms and through different channels. With mutual support and assistance, China is ready to work with African countries including Nigeria for the final victory.


Vanguard: What are the terms and financial commitments on the part of the Chinese government to this regard?

Consul General: At the request of the Nigerian government, a Chinese company, the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), through its subsidiary CCECC, collected a batch of medical supplies in China for the Nigerian side. In the same time, considering its large number of employees in Nigeria, CCECC at its own cost, dispatched a 15-member technical team from CRCC. There are 12 experienced medical professionals who have relevant experience in the prevention of the COVID-19. Just as the Nigerian Health Minister said, the support and help from the Chinese government and companies was timely, which has effectively relieved Nigeria's urgent need and greatly enhanced its confidence in dealing with the pandemic.


Vanguard:What is the mandate of the team in specific terms?

Consul General: The primary purpose of the technical team is to provide CCECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare assistance. In addition, under the directive of Chinese Embassy in Abuja and in response to the Nigeria Government's request, the technical team may also share with Nigerian medical teams effective methods on how to contain the COVID-19 and provide advice on the use of relevant medical equipment.


Vanguard: Could you tell us how long they are intending staying?

Consul General: All members of the technical team have tested negative to COVID-19 and shall commence their stay in Nigeria by undertaking 14 days in quarantine. They would stay in Nigeria for about 30 days.


Vanguard:What are some of the covid 19 relief items brought into the country to help in combating this unprecedented pandemic?

Consul General: Along with the technical team, 16-tons medical equipment and goods are delivered to Nigeria, including ventilators, disinfection machine, disposable medical masks, N95 masks, medicines, rubber gloves, protective gowns, goggles, face shields, infra-red thermometers and other critical care items. Those goods required by the Nigerian Government will be handed over to relevant authorities after checking and sorting. Others are the PPE for CRCC and CCECC employees in Nigeria.